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Our multi-cultural portfolio extends from products, food, services, shops and showcase websites

Ubeness® & Buco-Pandaness

Best selling Filipino flavor products proud of its Ube (Purple Yam) and Buco Pandan -Coconut Pandan) flavoring with food coloring.

Guapito Premium Beer®

The first Filipino beer brand crafted in the Netherlands.

Luneta Ice Cream®

The Award-winning and first Filipino Ice Cream brand made by a Filipino couple in the Netherlands. Founded in 2015 and now available in almost 20 countries in Europe.

Nida Philippine Products | Processed Meat

Best selling processed Filipino meat products made in the Netherlands and distributed all over Europe.

Amor Kitchen / Ensaymada NL

The first Filipino Bakery Webshop offering various breads, delicacies, cakes and sweets online.

Hapinoy Tayo Filipijnse Winkel

Fastest growing Filipino shop in the Netherlands with over 400 kinds of products serving more than 10 cuntries in Europe.

We work in partnership with designers, manufacturers, event organizers, and retailers in Europe and the Philippines.