Volunteers and organizers are requested to arrive at the Eye Film Museum at 1pm. Meeting place near the entrance.

  • Event Manager-  Walter Labajo

  • Sponsors & Managers Chicka- Chris SB

  • Photog and Videographer contact- Rhea Topacio

  • Venue Contact- Chris, Walter, Rhea

  • Venue Entrance (Guests Acceptance)- Mary Grace, Chinita, Ana

  • Venue Entrance after Door Closes- Chinita and Rhea

  • Ushers- David, Koen, Olivia and Nimruz


  • Cinema Entrance ( Guest Acceptance)-  Luna, Frans

  • Chairs for panel – David, Koen, Olivia and Nimruz

  • Foyer Entrance Guard- Rhea

  • Selfie booth set-up- Luna

  • Guest Give-aways Distribution (From 7pm or as they leave)- Mary Grace, Chinita, Ana

  • Sponsors Give away Distribution (From 7pm or as they leave)- Chinita

  • Q&A – Sophia/Walter

  • Banners for cinema- 1 LGBT –Walter

  • Banners foyer – 1 LGBT,1 Tulipa – Rhea

  • Tulipa girls- Chris/ Chadia

  • Slideshow-Foyer- Rhea

  • After Party –Mary Grace, Ana

  • Set-up directional signage- Eye Film Entrance- Eye film crew

  • Panel posters on cinema- Cinema 3- Walter/Chris

  • Banner on Cinema 3 entrance- 1 Tulipa- Cinema 3- Walter/Luna

  • Banner- 1- LGBT Cinema 3-  Walter

  • “RESERVE” on seats- Cinema 3- Walter/Chris

  • Check AV- Cinema -3 –Walter

  • Prepare guests and sponsors list- Eye Film Entrance- Mary Grace, Chinita, Ana

  • Usherettes leading to Cinema 3- Eye Film Entrance- David, Koen, Olivia and Nimruz

  • Station Photographers and Videographers- Everywhere- Rhea

Tickets are required to be checked before entering the cinema

15:00Cinema doors close
15:03Introduce Chris
15:05Welcome Address
15:15Introduce Ms. Lolita B. Capco
15:18Opening Remarks
15:23Risa Hontiveros Video
15:28Spiel to Film
15:30Film Screening
16:12Introduce Director
16:15Director Remarks
16:20Q and A
16:20Cast picture
16:50Invite to Foyer
17:00Drinks and borrel

Once the film starts guests will not be allowed to enter anymore. This is to avoid disrupting the audience from enjoying the film.


We would gladly welcome you to the reception by the Foyer at 17:00. In the meantime, please enjoy the galleries of the Eye Film Museum.

Prior to this time, unless otherwise changed, guests are not allowed at the Foyer.


If there is a guest that we do not know, please ask Chris what to do hahah

  • Guests get the Ria tote bag with Ubeness and Amor Kitchen Caramel Bar inside.

  • Sponsors get the paper goodie bags. Below are the expected sponsors to come:

Attending Sponsors:
1 Tulip of Amsterdam
2 Barangay BNB
3 Eyebrowlab
4 Ria
5 Kris & Ilya
6 Jitty’s
7 Sunro
8 Chatime
9 Il Sogno
10 Kuwadro
11 Kophethee
12 Pandan
13 Esquisine
14 Crown
15 Mattijs

16 Ad Astra
17 Gener Esquibil
18 JP Pangan
19 BenBatz
20 LHR


Near the lockers and Cinema 3. Organizers are expected to get familiarized with the area.

There are lockers and an unguarded cloakroom in Eye. Its use is at your own risk.

Smoking is only allowed OUTSIDE at the OPEN AIR PUBLIC AREA

  • Chris
    • Tulipa roll-up banner
    • 2 LGBT roll-up banners
    • 11 Panel Posters
    • Tickets
    • Postcards
    • Flowers
    • SumUP
    • Printed RESERVE
    • Guestlist
    • Sponsors List
  • Rhea
    • Sponsors giveaways
    • Studio Lights for Selfie Corner
    • Printed Cinema is close
  • LGBT Volunteers
    • Marketing Kit ( office supplies for Just in case situations)
  • Walter
    • Program Script

A thanksgiving late dinner organized by Mary Grace and Anna will be held at Bayota after the event. Organizers and Volunteers are invited to join.

GOOGLE LINK (CLICKABLE) : Bayota: Droogbak 15A, 1013 GG Amsterdam, The Netherlands