Multi-cultural Marketing Management

Tailored Strategic Marketing approach for Filipinos in the Netherlands, Germany, Belgium, France and the United Kingdom.

Red en Company has been managing brands and marketing in the Netherlands since 2013. The company is a collaboration of talented and creative individuals that provide support and management to brands to help elevate their value and visibility in the Filipino market.

Our Services

Brand Management

In the past years, we have conceptualized brands, products and services from its core identity, long-term direction, product/service development, marketing plans execution, material designs, strategies up to research. We make sure that the actions fulfilled are all in accordance to the company’s objectives or goals.


Through the years, Red en Company have produced hundreds of advertising materials and placements on social media and prints. From blogs/articles, digital designs, to videos and events. We have a proven track record of the effectiveness that has drawn thousands of people to be more aware of our client’s projects.

Events Management

Our experienced events team is the “go-to” organizers of the well-known Filipino brands in the Netherlands. We provide services from conceptualization up to event coverage. We are all hands-on on research, ocular inspections, ticket sales, marketing and evaluates the event for the clients’ reference.

Content Management

Our resident bloggers and vloggers provide high traffic content for your websites and social media channels. These features reach to a minimum of 10k per post on a single day.


Currently, Red en Company is focused on developing eye-catching and functional websites. Simple, elegant and efficient. Our web designs are always based on our clients’ needs and ease in the customer experience on the site.

Marketing Materials

Red en Company produces marketing materials (flyers, posters, logos, brochures etc.) that matches our client’s ideology to attract their potential customers. We believe that awareness increases trial that eventually leads to more sales. 

the brand innovators


An entrepreneur with a history of working in the marketing and advertising industry. Skilled in Marketing Management, Business Planning, Market Analysis, Product Development and Sales.

content & copywriting

A freelance copy writer / journalist who have spent more than a decade covering the most significant news about Filipinos in the Netherlands.

Walter Labajo

Events & creatives

A very talented Zumba instructor, host and concept producer with almost 3 decades of intensive experience in media creative think-tank and events management.

social media influencer

Professionally-trained Chef that turned into a social media influencer that garnered 32 thousand followers in just one year. Carrying over 2 dozen brands to date.

Broadening Creative Access Across the Globe

Red en Company is now stretching its wings further with its collaboration with FC Oliver IM, a trusted Creative agency in the Philippines. With this partnership, your brand can expand beyond the limits of your market and conquer more heights in marketing innovation and reach in Southeast Asia . Visit their website at to find out their services.


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